Andrew Lilly

Dig Deeper

Andrew Lilly was born and raised in Gainesville, Georgia and was grown into rock and roll with southern roots. Being a Country/Rock focused artist, Andrew is focused on delivering a powerful and high-energy atmosphere blending rock and roll rhythms to country minded lyrics. 

At the age of 9, the first guitar was gifted which sparked an ever growing passion for songwriting and performing. From leaving the country for a year out of high school to a career as a local firefighter, there has been plenty to fuel the mind of this 23 year-old artist.

Nowadays, Andrew loves to perform for restaurants/bars/events/anyone who loves a good time! We are open for new bookings between shifts at the fire department and currently booked days, so feel free to contact through the links on this page for more information on having your next event booked and entertained. Be on the lookout for new music and as always, let's have a damn good time!